First all-composite polymer-lined storage tank to successfully pass NGV2 cycling tests for hydrogen- Finalized the most stringent validation schedule associated with compressed hydrogen tank storage and individual tank components

QUANTUM Technologies WorldWide,
Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of IMPCO Technologies, Inc. and
ATK Thiokol Propulsion Company, today announced the successful
completion of the first fast-fill cycling test of QUANTUM’s 5,000 psi
TriShield(TM) hydrogen storage tank.
The test was completed at the QUANTUM /
ATK Thiokol hydrogen storage testing facility located at ATK Thiokol’s plant
in Promontory, UT.
The successful completion of this test demonstrated the
continued commitment of the QUANTUM / ATK Thiokol alliance to develop
state-of-the-art technology for hydrogen storage and enable the mass
commercialization of fuel cell powered vehicles.

QUANTUM’s all-composite tank was successfully cycle-tested per NGV2-2000
requirements (modified for the 5,000 psi hydrogen storage pressure) and the
European Integrated Hydrogen Project (EIHP) hydrogen storage standard.
testing was witnessed and validated by the independent Technical Surveillance
Association (Technishcer Uberwachungs Verein E.V, also known as TUV ).
is the first time an all-composite tank has been cycle tested to the modified
NGV2-2000 standard at 5,000 psi.
After the testing, QUANTUM’s 11“ x 46”
hydrogen storage tank was sectioned and examined by TUV, and no liner
degradation was noted.
These results validate the ability of QUANTUM’s
polymer-lined, all-composite tanks to be routinely fast-filled with no
deterioration, a critical safety feature for the market acceptance of on-board
hydrogen storage for fuel cell vehicles.

“The superior design, and manufacture of QUANTUM’s Type IV TriShield(TM)
hydrogen storage tank has been confirmed by meeting the test requirements of
the NGV2-2000 and EIHP.
Temperature and metallurgical performance data from
these fully instrumented tests indicate that the tank and its components are
the safest that are available for use in all hydrogen storage applications,”
said Syed Hussain, President and CEO of QUANTUM.
“This event is further
evidence of the strength of the alliance between QUANTUM and ATK Thiokol
Propulsion-bringing to bear the world’s most advanced technical staff that is
capable of solving the complex technical issues associated with hydrogen
storage and handling technologies for alternative fuel vehicles, fuel cell
applications and refueling infrastructure.”
Hussain added, “The fact that our
tank performed flawlessly and withstood the repeated fast-filling of hydrogen
at 5,000psi, and that our proprietary polymer liner showed no stress corrosion
cracking or hydrogen embrittlement, sets us apart as a technology leader and a
market leader.”

The hydrogen testing facility is owned and operated under a teaming
agreement between QUANTUM and ATK Thiokol and will be accessible to
manufacturers of compressed gas storage tanks for applications in the
automotive, industrial, aerospace and defense industries.
strategic alliance with NASA Space Shuttle rocket booster manufacturer, ATK
Thiokol Propulsion, was formed in June 1999.
The alliance provides QUANTUM
access to ATK Thiokol scientists, engineers and support personnel experienced
in the handling and management of hydrogen fuel, and authorizes QUANTUM to
advance the commercialization of ATK Thiokol’s unique composite conformable
hydrogen fuel storage tank technology for the emerging automotive fuel cell

QUANTUM designs, develops, integrates and manufactures products for
gaseous fuel storage, fuel delivery and electronic control systems for
internal combustion engines and fuel cells.
QUANTUM products enable the fuel
cell to operate at optimal efficiency while meeting the performance
requirements of its target markets.
QUANTUM’s target markets are portable
power generation, stationary power generation, mobile vehicles and refueling
In the alternative fuel industry, QUANTUM focuses on the
development and mass production of fuel systems for automotive OEM markets

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Certain matters discussed in this press release contain forward-looking
information that involves risks and uncertainties that could cause actual
results to differ materially from current trends.
These include the company’s
ability to design and market advanced fuel metering, fuel storage or
electronic control products, the company’s ability to meet OEM specifications,
and other such risks as cited in the 2001 annual report on Form 10-K for IMPCO
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