The public is invited to join the STS-111 crew of Endeavour, International Space Station Expedition 4 astronauts and members of the Johnson Space Center community as the astronauts share their mission experiences. The presentation is scheduled for 7:30 p..m. Tuesday, July 9, in the Mazda Theater at Space Center Houston.

The presentation will include slides and video. Immediately before the briefing, JSC Director Jefferson D. Howell Jr., Shuttle Lead Flight Director Paul Hill and International Space Station Lead Flight Director Rick LaBrode will recognize key individuals and teams for outstanding contributions to the flight. Howell also will present NASA Space Flight Medals to the astronauts.

Endeavour Commander Kenneth Cockrell, Pilot Paul Lockhart and Mission Specialists Franklin Chang-Diaz and Philippe Perrin delivered the Expedition 5 crew, to the space station and brought home Expedition 4 crewmembers. Expedition 4 Astronauts Dan Bursch and Carl Walz will share their experiences aboard the space station. During its almost-5.8- million-mile mission Endeavour delivered 9,000 pounds of equipment and supplies to the orbiting laboratory. Chang-Diaz and Perrin, a French astronaut, successfully completed three spacewalks at the station.

Doors will open at 7 p.m. Seating is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the 580-seat Mazda Theater is full, remaining guests will be seated in an adjacent area to view the program electronically. For more information, call the NASA Broadcast News Service at (281) 483-8600.