SpaceDev Inc., the world’s first publicly-traded commercial space
exploration and development company, today announced that it received
over $1 million in new business during April, including grants from
the California Space Authority to explore innovative and low cost
space access.

Under a $175K grant, SpaceDev will work with the Sea Launch
Company ( headquartered in Long Beach, Calif., to
initiate a program for providing assured, affordable and timely access
to space for secondary payloads.

The new SpaceDev business consists of an increase in the contract
value of its CHIPSat micro-satellite, being built for UC Berkeley as
part of NASA’s first University Explorer program — NASA’s smallest
and least expensive earth-orbiting mission; a contract with Boeing to
provide NASA’s JPL with a variety of Mars Sample Return mission
architectures; a contract to support a Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
mission proposal; and two CSTA grants concerning the provision of
affordable launches for micro-sats and for space-related education.

Commenting on the new business, Jim Benson, SpaceDev’s chairman
and CEO said, “SpaceDev is deeply committed to providing affordable
access to space, and working with Sea Launch to explore frequent and
reliable rides for micro-satellites and secondary payloads is a huge
step in that direction. This initiative could open up a whole new
market for domestic commercial, science, exploration, and technology
demonstration missions, not to mention increased demand for the kinds
micro-sats we build. As vice chairman of NASA’s Space Grant Review
Panel, I am also dedicated to long-term space, science and math
education in our country — and the new SpaceDev project to work with
UC Davis will allow us to interact directly with aerospace students
and faculty to help prepare tomorrow’s workforce for the opportunities
and excitement of space.”

Governor Gray Davis, on announcing the awards stated, “California
serves as the global leader of the commercial space industry. In an
increasingly competitive world environment, the investment we make in
these ideas today is essential to create the economic benefits and
high quality jobs our state will enjoy tomorrow.”

SpaceDev is teamed with the University of California Davis, which
was selected for a separate CSA grant, to establish a
Multidisciplinary Space Technology Lab under the leadership of
Professor Nesrin Sarigul-Klijn, Professor of Mechanical and
Aeronautical Engineering ( This project is in
concert with the Space Development Institute (, a
non-profit charitable and educational organization established to
perform scientific research, and to explore issues and practical
solutions related to the opening of space to all of humanity.

SpaceDev is one of several California aerospace organizations
awarded a CSA grant (, intended to enhance or promote
space flight and to improve California’s international competitiveness
in the space marketplace. The California competitive space grant
program provides funds for California-based entities to leverage
private sector, federal and state resources to complete projects
related to the commercial use of space, space vehicle launches, space
launch infrastructure, manufacturing, applied research, technology
development, economic diversification and business development. The
Highway to Space and Space Flight Competitive Grant Programs were
created by the Governor and the California State Legislature to ensure
the continued growth of innovation in California’s commercial space

About SpaceDev

SpaceDev ( is currently designing inexpensive
hybrid rocket-based orbital maneuvering and orbital transfer vehicles
(MTVs) and secondary payload micro-kick motors for the Air Force.
SpaceDev has recently performed design work for safe hybrid
rocket-based manned or unmanned sub-orbital space planes. SpaceDev
offers fixed-price package delivery for science instruments and
technology demonstrations into earth orbit, to deep space and to other
planetary bodies. SpaceDev designs and sells smaller, low-cost
Earth-orbiting commercial and research satellites. SpaceDev’s sale of
these turnkey, fixed-price, commercial products is a leading
innovation for the space industry. Established in 1997, SpaceDev’s
corporate offices are located near San Diego in Poway. SpaceDev and
The Boeing Company had teamed earlier to investigate opportunities of
mutual strategic interest in the commercial deep-space arena

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