ProSpace, in conjunction with our partners at the Space Frontier
Foundation and the Space Transportation Association, will host another in
their series of Space Roundtables on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, February
28th. Entitled “Space Solar Power: Investing In Our Energy Future”, this
program will begin at 8:30am in the House Space Subcommittee hearing room
(Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2325). Senator Don Nickles (R-Ok)
has agreed to serve as a sponsoring chair of this important event.

In 1968, Dr. Peter Glaser first proposed the concept of Space Solar Power,
which involves using satellites to collect energy from the Sun that would
be converted to radio waves. These would be transmitted to a ground
antenna and converted back to electricity for power consumption. Further
research was conducted by the Department of Energy and NASA, and in 1997
NASA conducted a “Fresh Look” study. Based in part on that study, many
experts have concluded that the technology base has sufficiently advanced,
to warrant investing in a robust SSP development program. And the current
crisis in the California electricity markets points to the need to explore
this important technology which shows promise in providing much of the
world’s electric generation requirements in the future without few or no
environmental consequences.

The Roundtable will address the question of public investment and the role
of government agencies in making Space Solar Power a reality. In
addition, speakers will discuss SSP economics and a proposed
Space-to-Earth power transmission demonstration.

At 10:00am immediately following the Roundtable the full House Committee
on Science will hold a hearing next door in Room 2318 entitled, “The
Nation’s Energy Future: The Role of Renewable Energy and Energy

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Marc Schlather