Telescope time for ESO telescopes on La Silla and Paranal is allocated
twice a year in periods of 6 months. Allocation periods run from
October 1st through March 31st, and from April 1st through September 30th.
Applications for observing time on ESO telescopes may only be submitted
electronically, and only on the LaTeX form obtained from this site.

The detailed VLT Call For Proposals describing
how UT1 (Antu) and UT2 (Kueyen) are offered for Period
66 is separate from the Call For
Proposals for ESO telescopes on La Silla. Both the VLT CP and the La
Silla CP are available in electronic form via this site. Hardcopies of the
VLT Call for Proposals will be mailed to all Astronomical Institutions
of the ESO member countries.


As from Period 66 the deadline for submission will correspond
to the last working day preceding the nominal deadline, which is April 1
for even Periods and October 1 for uneven Periods.

The next deadline
(for Period 66, October 1, 2000 – April 1, 2001) is:

March 31, 2000
(12:00 NOON, Central European Time)

If required, a new version of the ESOFORM package is uploaded to
solve bugs and problems found. The current version of the package is
version 66.0 (released March 1, 2000). For more details please
read the Release

Call for Proposals for the VLT UT1 (Antu) and UT2 (Kueyen)

Applications may be submitted for the Instrumentation on the VLT UT1
and UT2 commissioned for 66.

Late Breaking News
contains new information about the VLT Call for Proposals that have
become available after March 1, 2000.


Call for Proposals for ESO Telescopes on La Silla

Applications may be submitted for the usage of all Telescopes and Instrumentation commissioned
in 66


Proposal Submission

Applications for observation time at La Silla and for the VLT UT1 and
UT2 Telescopes have to be prepared using the ESOFORM
. Please read the ESOFORM Users’ Manual for
details. If you are familiar with the ESOFORM you can use one of the following
two options:

In case you need assistance from ESO to prepare your proposal, please send
an e-mail to

The above address can be used for all questions and comments related to
the ESOFORM package (how to prepare your proposal, what error messages
really mean, etc.), as well as more general questions concerning instrument
performance, Observatory policy, etc.

Information about Observing Programmes

Proposal Preparation Tools

Catalogues and Databases