Integrated Media Network Unveils Name for Company and Internet Portal
and Studio; Announces Imminent Availability of Carl Sagan’s Historic
Television Series Through

SAN FRANCISCO – September 27, 2000 – The founders of Project Voyager today
unveiled the identity of their 21st century media company: OneCosmos Network. 
Organized in May 2000 as a joint venture between Ann Druyan of Carl Sagan
Productions and Internet executive Joe Firmage, the company is a 21st century
media company working to create science-based entertainment and learning that
touches the heart and soul.  OneCosmos Network is the corporate name that now
encompasses two organizations: an Internet portal expected to launch on January
1, 2001, at; and a pioneering television and cinematic
production group to be known as Cosmos Studios. 

Cosmos Studios announced today the imminent availability of Carl Sagan’s
history-making television series, updated for 2000, to be released in November on
DVD and VHS, along with the Music of Cosmos on a dual CD.  (See related press
release from today, “Cosmos Studios Debut with Long-Awaited Enhanced Release of
Carl Sagan’s COSMOS.”)

“The concept of OneCosmos reflects the central revelation of science: all of us,
indeed all things, share a common root of existence.  Beginning next year, our
portal and studio will offer viewers a lens across the universe, as we share what is
seen by nature’s eyes, shining light through the film of science.  We’ll go to places
never seen before, to times forgotten, and to the frontiers of our imagination,” said
Joe Firmage, chairman and CEO.  “We are forming a company unique both in
purpose and ethic.  Watch us for innovations in the ways a company can respect,
involve and serve the public, partners, investors, employees and the earth on which
we live.”

“Our proud sponsorship of SETI@Home, with its 2.35 million participants, the largest
scientific research project in history, is emblematic of our mission.  We aim to
engage you in the romance of the scientific enterprise and to tear down the barriers
that have alienated most of us from science” added Ann Druyan, CEO of Cosmos
Studios and Carl Sagan’s twenty-year media collaborator.

As launched today, presents only an announcement web site,
offering one page of science-based news, content and links, in addition to company
news and information.  The Outpost on offers pre-orders of Carl
Sagan’s COSMOS in VHS and International DVD formats, as well as the Music of
Cosmos on two CDs.  Also unveiled today are the first images in a signature series
of science art, visualizing places on earth juxtaposed with the wonders of the

About OneCosmos Network

OneCosmos Network is a 21st century media company working to create
science-based entertainment and learning that touches the heart and soul.  The
company’s founders are Ann Druyan, CEO of Carl Sagan Productions and Joe
Firmage, founder and former CEO of USWeb and chairman of the California Institute
for Physics and Astrophysics.  The company has accepted $23 million in seed
capital from SOFTBANK Venture Capital, SOFTBANK Latin America Ventures and
Crosspoint Ventures.  Check for our company announcements on the web at

Contact: James Espinas, OneCosmos Network, or