On December 15, 2000, Jason Jerome Nordyke, an inmate at the Ada
County Jail, Boise, ID, pled guilty to a one-count Plea Agreement
before Judge Antoon, U.S. District Court Judge, Middle District of
Florida, Orlando, FL, for violating Title 18, United States Code,
Section 844(e). The plea resulted from a telephonic bomb threat made
by Nordyke to the Launch Control Communications Center at Kennedy Space
Center (KSC).

The conviction carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years, a maximum
fine of $250,000, and a maximum term of supervised release of 3 years.
Sentencing has not yet been scheduled.

Special Agents from the NASA Office of Inspector General, Office of
Criminal Investigations, conducted the investigation. Assistant United
States Attorney Karen L. Gable, Middle District of Florida, Orlando,
FL, (407) 648-7500, handled the prosecution.

For more information on this release, please call Samuel Maxey,
Assistant Inspector General for Investigations at (202) 358-2580.