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Rep. Dave Weldon Available to Speak on Implications of International Space Station

A Successful Wednesday
Launch of the Russian-made Zvezda Service Module may change the face of
Space Exploration

WASHINGTON, DC — After years of delays and
billions of dollars of cost overruns, Wednesday morning’s scheduled launch
of the Russian-made Zvezda Service Module to the International Space
Station (ISS) may change the face of space exploration forever.

mated, the Zvezda Service Module will provide propulsion capabilities and
attitude control for the station as well as the life support and
living quarters for the early crews to be stationed there. Then NASA, the
United States’ space agency, will again resume the construction of ISS.
When finished, the ISS will be 300 yards long and will be the only
man-made object in space visible from Earth with the naked eye. If the
schedule holds, the first ISS crew, led by American Bill Shepherd,
will be stationed in early November.

Rep. Dave Weldon-R (FL 15)
represents the Space Coast of Florida, including NASA’s launch

facility at Kennedy Space Center. In Congress, Rep. Weldon is the Vice
Chairman of the Science Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics.

Weldon will be available for press comment throughout the week. Please
contact press secretary Craig Stevens (202-225-3671) for more

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