BREMEN, Germany — Precious Payload has announced partnerships with a pair of companies to market payload slots and launches on its online satellite launch marketplace.

Precious Payload and Rocket Factory Augsburg (RFA) announced Nov. 17 at the Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen, Germany that launches of the RFA One rocket are to be added to the launch schedule hosted on Precious Payload’s Launch.ctrl marketplace. 

Precious Payload is based in the United Arab Emirates, with offices in the U.S. and Germany and emerged as a growing number of satellites sought access to space as secondary payloads. Its platform allows payload developers around the globe to browse potential commercial launches for their spacecraft.

German launch startup RFA is working towards integrated systems testing of its upper stage and Helix engine as the next step towards a first orbital test flight of its RFA One rocket scheduled to follow at the end of 2023.

“Precious Payload has pioneered and truly defined the online rideshare marketplace and we’re thrilled to distribute our future launches via their Launch.ctrl platform,” commented Jörn Spurmann, Chief Commercial Officer of RFA in a press statement.

“The software is a lead magnet for every payload developer looking for a launch or other related services, from insurance to SSA tools.” 

The agreement with RFA follows a partnership with Arkisys Inc, formalized Nov. 15, to market upcoming hosted payload slots on Arkisys’ Port, the orbital outpost the Los Alamitos, California-based startup is developing.

Arkisys, which offers infrastructure as a service, is developing Applique, a universal interface adapter designed to connect any spacecraft payload using a variety of common interface standards and protocols, and targeting 2024 for the launch of its first ‘Port’ element for space research and tech demos, according to a press statement.

“We’re seeing great international interest for affordable solutions to increase the TRL level of space projects or alternatives to ISS space research services,” said Andrew Maximov, CEO and co-founder of Precious Payload. 

“Having a cost-effective hosted payload option to conduct an experiment in LEO is very important to savvy payload developers using our software to find the best launch for their mission… We’re pleased to welcome the Port platform by Arkisys to our Launch.ctrl online marketplace.”

Precious Payload developed space.ctrl, providing software tools for building and managing custom space missions. Launch.ctrl helps users book a launch and hosted platforms across a network of 27 launch partners, while Insurance.ctrl provides options for launch, pre-launch and third-party liability insurance.

Andrew Jones covers China's space industry for SpaceNews. Andrew has previously lived in China and reported from major space conferences there. Based in Helsinki, Finland, he has written for National Geographic, New Scientist, Smithsonian Magazine, Sky...