A search is being conducted for a Director of the Lunar and Planetary
Institute (LPI). The Institute, established in 1968 and located in Houston,
Texas, is chartered to conduct and support research on the formation,
evolution, and current state of the solar system and its constituent parts,
as well as to assist in planning and execution of the robotic and human
exploration of the solar system.

The Institute, funded by NASA through a contract with Universities Space
Research Association, serves as a focal point for lunar and planetary
science activities, and seeks to encourage participation of scientists in
solar system exploration. The Institute is a leader in education and public
outreach through a variety of activities, and is a Broker/Facilitator in
NASA’s Office of Space Science Education network. A key role played by the
Institute is support of topical workshops and conferences related to
planetary sciences. These efforts have led to the establishment of new
programs, such as NASA’s Origins Program.

Salaries and benefits are competitive and attractive, and will depend upon
an individual’s qualifications. Applicants should have experience in one or
more of the research areas of interest to the Institute, a proven record of
research excellence, administrative skills, and research leadership.

An application, containing a complete resume, including three references,
should be sent to: W. D. Cummings, Executive Director, Universities Space
Research Association, 10227 Wincopin Circle, Suite 212, Columbia, MD 21044.
Applicants should also include a succinct statement of their vision for the
LPI, and what steps he/she would take to achieve that vision. Applications
received by June 30, 2002 will be given full consideration. Further
information regarding the LPI and USRA may be found at
http://www.lpi.usra.edu and http://www.usra.edu. EEO