The Planetary Society is now accepting applications for the next round of
Shoemaker Near Earth Object (NEO) grants.

Those amateur or professional astronomers interested in studying Near Earth
Objects can apply for the grant by filling out an application form and sending
it to The Planetary Society by March 31, 2002.

The application form can by found here:

The Shoemaker NEO grant program was established by the Society in 1997, in an
effort to advance the study of Near Earth Objects. Grant recipients in the past
have been both individuals and groups, amateur and professional astronomers, all
interested in studying asteroids and comets in Earth’s vicinity.

For this round of grants, the Society’s international advisory group reviewing
the proposals will be considering three different categories: Observation
Programs, NEO Research Programs, and International Collaboration in NEO

With several asteroid detection programs in place at major observatories around
the country, there has been a dramatic increase in asteroid detection within the
last year, creating a long list of objects in need of follow-up observations. As
a result, special consideration will be given to observers interested in
conducting follow-up NEO observations, especially those capable of detecting
objects fainter than magnitude V= 19.5 or so.

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