The Planetary Society has awarded three scholarships — two new
Planetary Society Scholarships for Space Studies and the Jim and Lin
Burke Scholarship for the International Space University (ISU).

The $14,500 ISU scholarship enables 27-year-old Bojan Pecnik of
Croatia to attend the ISU summer school program currently in session
in Pomona, California.

Hillary Cummings of Washington, 21, and Amanda Heiderman of Nevada,
20, will each receive a $1000 Planetary Society Scholarship for Space
Studies to help further their space science education.

The Jim and Lin Burke scholarship is awarded annually for one student
to attend the ISU summer session. It was named for James (Jim) and
Lin Burke, long-time advocates and staff participants in the ISU
Summer Session Program and active Planetary Society members. Burke,
one of the pioneers of America’s space program, is the technical
editor of the Society’s magazine, The Planetary Report.

The ISU scholarship was made possible by an initial donation from
Planetary Society member Eric Tilenius. Tilenius himself was a former
recipient of a scholarship from The Planetary Society over a decade
ago. The Jim and Lin Burke scholarship is open to all candidates who
have been accepted to attend an ISU summer session, but who have not
already secured scholarships to cover their fees.

The International Space University is an educational establishment
that provides international, interdisciplinary, and intercultural
education in all aspects of the space sector. The ISU provides both a
one year Master of Space Studies (MSS) program at its Strasbourg
Central Campus, and an intensive ten week summer session, which
travels to a new city each year. To apply for future scholarships,
visit or
The Planetary Society’s website at