Introduction: The Meteoritical Society and the Planetary Division of the
Geological Society of America are jointly sponsoring a “Planetary Sciences
Best Student Paper Award” beginning in the year 2000. The award is for
undergraduate and graduate students who are first author of a planetary
science paper published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal during the
calendar year. The prize includes recognition by both Societies, a plaque,
and a cash award of $500.

Topics: Paper topics included under this award are asteroids, comets,
craters, interplanetary dust, interstellar medium, lunar samples, meteors,
meteorites, natural satellites, planets, tektites, origin and history of
the solar system.

Eligibility: This award is limited to undergraduate and graduate students
who are the first author of a paper published in a peer-reviewed
scientific journal during a specific calendar year. The first author must
have been a registered student at a degree awarding institution at the
time the paper was submitted to the journal. Papers published during the
year 2000 are now under consideration for the award.

Nomination: Papers will need to be nominated in order to be
considered. Full members of the Geological Society of America, full
members of the Meteoritical Society, or full members of any of their
associated societies may make nominations. Nominations should include the

(1) The name of the student.

(2) The full citation of the paper.

(3) The name and address of the university the student was attending at
the time of paper submittal

(4) A brief description of why this paper is among the best.

Nominations may be sent to either the Chair of the Student Paper Selection
Committee or the Secretary of the Meteoritical Society at the addresses
listed below, by January 15, 2001. For questions, please contact Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan Britt, Chair, Student Paper Selection Committee, Department of
Geological Sciences, The University of Tennessee, 306 Geological Sciences
Building, Knoxville, TN 37996, USA, phone: 1-865-974-6008,

Dr. Edward R.D. Scott, Secretary of the Meteoritical Society, Hawaii
Inst. Geophysics & Planetary, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii
96822, USA,

These nomination guidelines are available on the Student Award Web page: