Tomorrow, the race for space
commercialization officially begins with the planned launch
(12:56 a.m. EDT, July 12) of the world’s largest proton rocket emblazoned with
a Pizza Hut logo on the fuselage.

The 200-foot tall proton rocket, to be launched from Kazakhstan, will head
for the International Space Station carrying a critical component, the Service
Module, that will make permanent living in space a reality.

“Pizza Hut is recognized as the pioneer and innovation leader in the pizza
business,” said Mike Rawlings, president and chief concept officer, Pizza Hut,
“Our sponsorship of this critical mission tells consumers around the
world that we’re always looking to take Pizza Hut innovation to new heights.”

Pizza Hut announced the innovative space sponsorship in September 1999 as
part of its new logo launch and to symbolize the company’s dramatic turnaround
and re-imaging campaign, which includes a $500 million investment to
contemporize and upgrade Pizza Hut restaurants around the globe.

Space Commercialization

“Pizza Hut is a pioneer in space commercialization,” said Rick Hieb, U.S.
Astronaut and key member of an industry team working with NASA to explore
space commercialization.
“This is the beginning of a whole new era and we
hope that other corporations will follow.
Congress has mandated that NASA
work aggressively to support efforts to commercialize space and the
International Space Station,” he added.

International Space Station

More than 500 million viewers from around the globe are estimated tune
into the rocket launch.
The mission is critical to the overall operation and
success of the International Space Station, a 16-nation initiative involving
the United States, Russia, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Belgium, Denmark, France,
Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the
United Kingdom.
Once assembled, the ISS will provide 46,000 cubic feet of
pressurized living and working space for engineers and scientists.

Pizza Hut, a division of Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. is
the world’s largest pizza restaurant company, with more than 7,100 restaurants
and delivery units in the United States and more than 4,000 units in 90
The company is the recognized leader of the $25 billion pizza
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