Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Sarasota FL December 10, 2001 – Incredible
Adventures, Inc., the Florida company best known for introducing the world
to high-performance jet fighter holidays, and MirCorp, the Netherlands-based
company developing the world’s first private space station, are now working
together to further open air and space exploration to people around the

“Incredible Adventures shares our vision,” said MirCorp President Jeffrey
Manber. “Our companies share in the belief that everyone should have the
right to explore new worlds, face new challenges and test their personal
limits. We see working together as the fastest way to bring space tourism to
the general public.”

The companies will jointly market a series of space adventures designed to
prepare participants for the ultimate challenge a Soyuz flight to the space
station. Activities available now include the zero-gravity flights, Star
City cosmonaut training and Russian MiG-25 flights to the edge of space that
Incredible Adventures has offered since 1993. Pricing for the cosmonaut
adventures are expected to range from $2950 to $20 million.

“We’re very excited to have MirCorp as our partner,” said Incredible
Adventures Chairman Norman Fast. “They are a company with solid leadership
and the proven ability to deliver what they promise.”

“In the past eight years, we’ve introduced a lot of Incredible Adventures,
everything from jet fighter vacations to fantasy spy camps. But, the chance
to train for a real Soyuz space flight is the most incredible adventure of

As part of the joint venture agreement signed by the companies, MirCorp has
named Incredible Adventures its exclusive provider of civilian MiG and
zero-gravity flights in Moscow, as well as its preferred provider of ground
services within Russia. MirCorp’s newest space project in Russia is a joint
venture with Image World Media, Inc. to produce a prime time television game
show at Star City. The game show’s winning contestant will go to space as a
Soyuz passenger in 2003.

About MirCorp

MirCorp is the leading manned commercial space exploration company, and has
worked with customers in both media and private tourism sectors. MirCorp is
currently working on developing the world’s first privately owned home in
space. Currently named Mini Station 1, the new space station will
accommodate up to three visitors for stays of up to 20 days at a time.
MirCorp headquarters are in Amsterdam and it has offices in Moscow, Russia.
For information, contact Gert Weyers at +31 20 520 68 40 or visit

About Incredible Adventures

Incredible Adventures is a pioneer in adventure travel. The company
introduced the world to civilian supersonic MiG flights in Moscow in 1993
and offered its first civilian zero-gravity flight aboard Russia’s IL-76
weightless plane a year later. The company’s headquarters are in Sarasota,
Florida. For adventure information, contact Jane Reifert at +941-346-2603

MirCorp public relations contact:

Jeffrey M. Lenorovitz

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International GSM telephone (France): +33 (0)6 80-85-86-25