PanAmSat Corporation today announced that California-based The SPACECONNECTION, Inc., a satellite transmissions provider, has extended its programming services on the company ‘s Galaxy satellites in a new long-term, multimillion-dollar agreement. This extension will transition SPACECONNECTION’s current services from PanAmSat’s Galaxy IIIR satellite to its next generation Galaxy IIIC satellite, enabling the long-time customer to continue delivering a wide array of video and data services through September 2016. In addition, SPACECONNECTION’s services on the Galaxy XI satellite will now extend through 2015.
"Our relationship with SPACECONNECTION dates back to 1987, and this agreement demonstrates their continued satisfaction and confidence in our services," said Mike Antonovich, PanAmSat’s senior vice president, Broadcast Services, "We are gratified by the SPACECONNECTION’s faith in the reliability and performance of the PanAmSat fleet, as evidenced by this extension of service through a third generation of PanAmSat satellites."
"Our new long-term commitment to PanAmSat’s next generation satellites ensures SPACECONNECTION’s ability to continue our leadership role in providing broadband services to the video, data and internet industries," stated Robert M. Patterson, SPACECONNECTION’s president and CEO.
SPACECONNECTION currently takes advantage of PanAmSat’s Galaxy IIIR and Galaxy XI satellites to provide a diverse bouquet of services, including the delivery of digital video and data services throughout the United States as well as the distribution of ad hoc and special events coverage. Under this agreement, services on Galaxy XI will continue through 2015, while services presently on Galaxy IIIR will transfer to the Galaxy IIIC satellite. The Galaxy IIIC spacecraft is expected to replace Galaxy IIIR at 95 degrees west longitude following its launch. Galaxy IIIC, a Boeing 702 spacecraft, will carry 76 transponders, which will be used to deliver video, data, Internet and direct-to-home services to the United States and Latin America.
SPACECONNECTION, Inc. is a privately held, professional communications company that specializes in providing programming-related satellite transmission services throughout the United States and worldwide. The company arranges C-band and Ku-band satellite transmissions, utilizing analog and digitally compressed technology, fixed and transportable uplinks, TVRO downlinks and terrestrial facilities, for domestic and international distribution. For more information on SPACECONNECTION, visit the company’s web site at