PanAmSat Corporation (NASDAQ: SPOT) today
announced that Verestar, Inc., which provides network communications
solutions that link business and the world, has chosen the PAS-1R spacecraft
and related satellite-based services to enhance its high-speed Internet,
voice and data applications. The new multi-transponder agreement takes
advantage of PanAmSat’s largest and most powerful spacecraft and its
expansive Europe/Africa footprint to boost Verestar’s coverage of the two
continents as well as the Middle East.

"With this latest agreement, Verestar, a valued PanAmSat customer for more
than a decade, demonstrates its confidence in our satellite network and
broad service offerings," said Tom Eaton, PanAmSat’s executive vice
president, global sales. "This deal expands our business relationship and
provides Verestar with a presence on many of PanAmSat’s spacecraft. The
multi-transponder agreement also highlights the demand for advanced data and
Internet broadcast networks in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, which
will be met through PanAmSat and Verestar’s collective resources, services
and expertise."

"As PanAmSat continues to expand its global satellite network, they enhance
our offerings through more powerful coverage," said Prakash Sewpaul,
Verestar’s vice president, international sales development. "PanAmSat’s
PAS-1R satellite boasts one of the most powerful and comprehensive
footprints over Europe and Africa. This impressive coverage will augment our
ability to link locations spanning as far north as Oslo, Norway and as far
south as Capetown, South Africa as well as throughout the Middle East."

Verestar will access the C-band transponders on the PAS-1R spacecraft
through its Satellite Network Access Point (SNAP) in Leuk, Switzerland. The
capacity will support a wide array of communications services, including
teleport, carrier-grade voice switching and maritime communications services
as well as data content distribution services.

PAS-1R, which is located at 45 degrees west longitude, is one of the largest
and most powerful commercial geostationary satellites ever launched. The
spacecraft employs its 72 transponders, including 36 C-band and 36 Ku-band,
to deliver video and data broadcasting as well as broadband Internet
services throughout the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.

About Verestar, Inc.

Verestar, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of American Tower Corporation
(NYSE: AMT), provides the network communications solutions that link
business and the world. Verestar seamlessly delivers and manages customers’
mission-critical communications with end-to-end solutions, integrated
technologies and flexible service options. Verestar, Inc. also owns and
operates Maritime Telecommunications Network, Inc. (MTN), offering Internet,
voice and data services to the cruise ship, oil and gas industries; and
General Telecom, Verestar’s international voice switching and exchange
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