ST LOUIS – OneWeb announced six finalists May 22 for its annual Innovation Challenge.

The finalists selected by the London-based broadband communications company are:

  • KP Labs, a Polish startup that applies artificial intelligence for demanding space missions;
  • LUTW, a Canadian nonprofit focused on off-grid solar energy projects;
  • MAV Reality, a cloud collaboration and video conferencing specialist ;
  • Ramon.Space, a Silicon Valley space supercomputer supplier;
  • Romanian in Space Engineering (RISE), a research-focused aerospace firm;
  • Skyted, a French startup that specializes in technology for confidential calls and conversations; and
  • Space Products and Innovation (SPiN), a German firm focused on reducing the cost of satellite integration.  

More than 70 competitors from 25 countries participated in OneWeb’s Innovation Challenge 2022, called Connectivity and Beyond! Through the competition, conducted with European Space Agency, OneWeb invited people to identify products and services to “unleash the potential in OneWeb’s global communications network to serve future generations,” according to the news release.

Massimiliano Ladovaz, OneWeb’s chief technical officer, said in a statement, “Huge congratulations to the seven Industrial category finalists announced today. They join a growing list of organizations with access to OneWeb’s resources to collaborate and grow within our innovation community. On behalf of OneWeb, I want to make a special mention to everyone who took part – the calibre of the entries was high and we will continue to engage with many other participants as we go forward.” 

OneWeb has 633 first-generation broadband satellites in low-Earth orbit. The company needs only 588 to provide global coverage. The remaining satellites serve as in-orbit backups.

Debra Werner is a correspondent for SpaceNews based in San Francisco. Debra earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of California, Berkeley, and a master’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern University. She...