Ogden, Utah — A historic collaboration culminated
January 26 in the successful launch of a multi-use group of satellites from
the Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB) firing range. One Stop Satellite Solutions
(OSSS), an Ogden satellite engineering company, was the primary payload contractor
for the experimental Air Force missile.

The payload group, collectively called JAWSAT (for Joint Air
Force Academy-Weber State University Satellite) was made up of five separate
parts. The payload components included experiments for four universities, the
Air Force Research Lab, and OSSS. Details of the individual components and their
missions can be found on the Internet at http://cast.weber.edu/jawsat.

With this multi-part deployment, OSSS demonstrated a new capability
that will allow more efficient use of launches, which will significantly improve
access to space.

Video of the launch, which was broadcast live over the world
wide web, can be seen on the internet by registering at world wide web site

Major Buckley, Air Force launch director, said: “The fact that
we launched a complex payload is important because it allows us to use the maximum
capability of the launch vehicle for customers who perhaps couldn’t afford paying
for a space launch by themselves,”. Major Buckley also said of the OSSS team:,
"Senior officers told me and my boss that it was impossible to build a
multipayload adapter to launch other payloads in less than one year, but the
OSSS team has done it–what a great accomplishment."

The JAWSAT central structure, called a multi-payload adapter,
first deployed four experimental payloads, and then served as the platform for
two more experiments, one built by NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (Hunstville,
AL), the other a joint venture of OSSS and Weber State University (both of Ogden).

OSSS is a four year old company that has commercialized the
technology developed over fifteen years at the Center
for Aerospace Technology (CAST)
at Weber State University. OSSS’ mission
is to provide its customers with low cost, high quality small satellites for
more effective access to space. OSSS and CAST have successfully designed, engineered
and manufactured eight low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites in the 100-500 pound

OSSS’ proprietary technology provides attitude control that
is more precise and less complex to operate than any other small satellite system
on the market. Additional patents are pending that would allow the technology

to apply to any other industries’ control applications. Other
OSSS products and technologies include:

A. Standardized Mechanical Frame and Equipment Bus incorporated
into a "Multi-Payload Adapter"

B. Central Processing Data Storage Unit

C. Communication Links

D. Integrated Solar Power Systems

E. The only industry small satellite Attitude Control with 3
Axis Stabilization

For more information please contact any of the following:


Dale Richards, President

(801) 573-6041

Dr. Jay Smith, VP of Technical Development jay.smith@osss.com
Lewis Boynton, Director lew.boynton@osss.com


You may also contact the OSSS offices at the numbers and address
listed below.

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