Recently some articles concerning plans for developing
a commercial module for the Russian Segment of the International
Space Station by some known companies were published in the

Due to that S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space
Corporation (RSC) ENERGIA and SPACEHAB Inc. report, that
no other real projects related to the development of a commercial
module for the ISS RS except for the Enterprise™ Multi-Purpose
Module (MPM) are being currently addressed.

On May 19, 2000 the Russian Space Agency (ROSAVIAKOSMOS)
and S.P. Korolev RSC ENERGIA made a joint decision about
the development and operation of the Enterprise™ Commercial
Multi-Purpose Module (MPM) as part of the ISS RS. The decision
is signed by ROSAVIAKOSMOS General Director Yu.N. Koptev,
S.P. Korolev RSC ENERGIA President, Designer General Yu.P. Semenov,
SPACEHAB President David A. Rossi.

The Enterprise™ MPM will replace the docking
and stowage module (DSM) within the ISS RS in compliance with
the program procedures provided by the ISS rules. In doing so,
MPM will accomplish the DSM functions provided by the ISS related
documentation agreed upon with the International Partners with
no modification of the Russian Segment configuration. In addition
MPM will provide the capabilities for utilization and implementation
of the commercial projects.

In accordance with the above-mentioned decision
the Enterprise™ MPM is assumed to be launched on the Zenith
launch vehicle and docked to the ISS RS, namely to the docking
port designed for DSM in the current ISS configuration.

The Enterprise TM MPM will be designed and manufactured
by S.P. Korolev RSC ENERGIA in cooperation with SPACEHAB,
Inc. Its launch into orbit is assumed to be performed at the
beginning of 2003.

Founded in 1984, SPACEHAB, Inc. is a leading
provider of commercial space services. The company is the first
to enter the market of commercial development and operation
of manned space modules. On NASA’s orders it provides laboratory
facilities and resupply capabilities aboard Space Shuttles.
The company supports astronaut training at NASA’s Johnson Space
Center (Texas), and being located near NASA’s Kennedy Space
Center in Florida provides commercial satellite processing services
for satellites launched by Delta and Atlas launch vehicles.

S.P. Korolev RSC ENERGIA being a prime developer
of the ISS RS including the development of its most essential
elements, and integration of the entire segment, provided the
development, docking and putting into operation of Zvezda Service
Module being the key element of the International Space Station.

Our company has studied the practicability and
feasibility of Enterprise™ MPM integration within the ISS
RS. To this end all required modifications to the Zvezda module
service systems have been made at the final pre-launch processing
phase. Now we need to get down to the MPM manufacture and launch.

Having a more than 50-year experience in rocket
and space technology development and utilization, from the first
satellite and first manned flight to the Energia/Buran Reusable
Space System, Mir Space Station and ISS RS key elements, S.P. Korolev
RSC Energia along with SPACEHAB Inc. will make every effort
to manufacture the Enterprise™ MPM in the shortest possible