Chantilly, Virginia

Mr. Keith Hall, National Reconnaissance Office Director, will receive the Dr. Robert H. Goddard Memorial Trophy, the National Space Club’s most prestigious award, at the organization’s annual Goddard Memorial Dinner March 31.
The Space Club noted that Hall "played a pivotal role in the evolution and maturity of national security space applications. His vision for broad- based, integrated intelligence from space has transformed a closely-held, specialized field of space-borne technology into one that is widely regarded, eminently capable, and constantly relied upon." Hall was also recognized for his leadership in space research and development.
The recipient of the award is selected annually for great achievement in advancing space flight programs contributing to United State leadership in astronautics. Former winners include John Glenn, Wernher Von Braun, President Ronald Reagan and former NRO deputy director Jimmie Hill.
The Space Club will also recognize Air Force Colonel John Cunningham as the winner of the Dr. Joseph Charyk Award, which recognizes an individual in, or supporting the NRO who has made an outstanding personal contribution to the national intelligence space program.
Cunningham was recognized for his innovative ideas which pioneered a number of systems that directly benefited a wide range of NRO customers and he established fruitful and lasting relationships with a wide network of U.S. space-related organizations.