In the Nov. 21 issue of SpaceNews, senior staff writer Jeff Foust and and several outside experts examine what Donald Trump’s presidency could mean for civil, national security and commercial space.

In “Back to the moon, again?” Foust lays out why, for lunar exploration advocates, the moon appears closer now that at any time since President Barack Obama took office.

SpaceNews staff writer Caleb Henry, in his debut for the magazine, looks at what the satellite industry wants from President-elect Trump.

In “A transition vet offers tips to Trump’s NASA transition team,” the head of George W. Bush’s NASA transition team, Courtney Stadd, lays out what Trump’s team can expect if and when they get to NASA.

Former NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver offers disappointed voters a silver lining in “Why this Democrat is giving Trump a chance on space (if not much else).”

Space policy consultant and former GOP Hill staffer Jim Muncy explains why “Space transitions aren’t just about NASA anymore.” 

Michael Listner, editor of The Précis space law and policy newsletter, offers up suggestions for how a Trump space policy could transform outer space security. 

Also in this issue:

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