The Government has approved a policy that envisages allocation of INSAT system capacity for non-governmental users, registration of Indian satellite systems by private Indian companies and limited use of foreign satellites in special circumstances. The Department of Space (DOS) will be the administrative ministry in all matters related to satellite systems in India.
As per the policy, the Indian National Satellite System (INSAT) capacity will be made available to non-government (private) Indian Service Providers on a commercial basis subject to availability after meeting the government needs. The DOS will allocate INSAT capacity for private users. DOS may also build capacity in INSAT system for private users on request on commercial basis.
Private Indian companies with a foreign equity less than 74 percent are now allowed to establish Indian Satellite Systems. These companies can submit their applications for registering their satellite systems to the Committee for Authorising the establishment and operation of Indian Satellite Systems (CAISS). The office of CAISS is set up at the SatCom Programs Office at ISRO Headquarters, Antariksh Bhavan, New BEL Road, Bangalore 560 094. The authorisation to operate the Satellite System and the Orbit spectrum notification/registration will be done by CAISS. However, operating licenses for services to be provided by the Indian Satellite Systems will be issued only by the concerned administrative departments like Department of Telecommunication for telecom services and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for TV/Radio broadcasting.
Foreign satellites will also allowed to be used in special circumstances for satellite communication services in India. The service licensing departments may allow the use of foreign satellites only in consultation with the Department of Space. If suitable capacity/capability is available in INSAT or Indian Satellite Systems, operations with foreign satellites will not be permitted. For the use of foreign satellites for Internet Service Provider (ISP) gateways, the existing procedures established by Telecom Commission will apply.