New Skies Satellites
N.V. (AEX, NYSE: NSK), the global satellite communications company,
this week is hosting more than 50 of the world’s most
prestigious broadcasters during the 2002 Inter-Union Satellite
Operations Group (ISOG) meeting in The Hague.

Attendees include CNN, the BBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation,
CBS News, China Central Television, Deutsche Welle, NHK, RTL
Television and TVNZ as well as the European Broadcasting Union and the
North American Broadcasting Association.

The ISOG meeting provides a regular forum for broadcasters and
satellite operators to exchange ideas and information on developments
in global satellite communications. In addition, it offers the chance
to discuss challenges, opportunities and new technologies emerging
throughout the global broadcasting industry.

“New Skies is honored to host such a distinguished group of
broadcasters and to play a major role in fostering fresh ideas as well
as creative services for the benefit of the satellite and broadcast
industries,” said Rudo Jockin, New Skies’ senior vice
president, sales and marketing. “We look forward to working with
the broadcasting community in the future to identify new and
innovative services for the delivery of event coverage and television
programming to audiences around the world.”

“Currently, video services compose the majority of our business,
generating more than 40 percent of revenues. As we look to capitalize
on our strong presence in the video market, ISOG offers the ideal
venue to discuss future strategies with current and potential
customers, ensuring we develop services that the market wants,”
Jockin continued.

“We are delighted that we selected New Skies Satellites for
hosting this ISOG. This gives us a terrific opportunity to meet
one-on-one with their senior management and staff as well as tour
their satellite operations facilities and learn more about their
satellites and service offerings” stated Dick Tauber, vice
president of satellites and circuits for CNN and chairman of ISOG.

This year’s ISOG meeting addresses existing as well as new and
developing technologies and their potential to create higher-quality
and more efficient satellite broadcast transmissions.

New Skies involvement in this year’s ISOG meeting underscores
the significance of the video services market to the company’s
overall revenue profile. The company has provided satellite capacity
and services for a number of the world’s most prominent sporting
events, including the Sydney Olympics, the British Open and Formula
One Racing. In addition, New Skies is currently planning services for
next month’s World Cup Tournament.

About New Skies Satellites

New Skies Satellites (AEX, NYSE: NSK) is one of only four fixed
satellite communications companies with truly global satellite
coverage, offering video, voice, data and Internet communications
services to a range of telecommunications carriers, broadcasters,
large corporations and Internet service providers around the world.
New Skies has six satellites in geosynchronous orbit and ground
facilities around the world. The company also has two spacecraft under
construction, which are planned to serve the Americas and Asia from
two new orbital locations. In line with its growth strategy, the
company has secured certain rights to make use of additional orbital
positions, including four serving the Americas. New Skies is
headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands, and has offices in
London, Johannesburg, New Delhi, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney and
Washington, D.C.