NASA has established a new organization, the NASA Office of Security Management and Safeguards, to focus and advance the agency’s efforts in all aspects of NASA security.
The new office will formulate policy for and ensure the effectiveness of NASA’s primary security objectives: to protect the agency’s employees (including on-site contractors) and visitors, as well as its critical national assets, vital information and physical property. The new organization, which reports directly to NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin, will serve as the single point of focus on security matters for the agency and also will represent NASA at the national level on security policy.
"The creation of this office demonstrates, once again, our steadfast commitment to safety overall and also to properly safeguard the priceless human, intellectual and physical assets entrusted to us by the people of the United States," noted Goldin.
The establishment of the office results in part from assessments requested by Goldin to ensure the effectiveness of NASA’s security programs in light of constantly evolving security and safety challenges.
John D. Schumacher, Associate Administrator for External Relations, will continue in his current capacity and also serve as acting director of the new office while a search to fill the position permanently is conducted.