Space Imaging — the world’s leader in
providing commercial markets with Earth information for a variety of business
applications — announced the addition of one-meter resolution color imagery
to its CARTERRA(TM) product line.
For the first time, color, high-resolution,
map-accurate satellite images of the Earth are commercially available.
sharp detail of one-meter resolution images, taken by Space Imaging’s IKONOS
satellite, means objects larger than one meter (approximately three feet) in
size can be seen.

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    These three distinct products, CARTERRA Precision, CARTERRA Reference and
    CARTERRA Geo, offer different levels of mapping accuracy depending on the
    customer’s project and cost requirements.
    Space Imaging announced earlier
    this year that one-meter black-and-white and four-meter color resolution
    products were for sale under these same product names.
    The one-meter color
    imagery combines the spatial content of the black and white data with the
    color content of the four-meter multispectral (color) data.

    “Our one-meter resolution color imagery gives our customers access to
    significantly more detail and information about the Earth’s surface than has
    ever been available in commercial satellite imagery before,” said Brian
    Soliday, vice president of North American sales and marketing for Space

    Soliday added, “Because these products offer such a wide range of mapping
    capabilities, businesses can take advantage of them for a variety of every-day
    applications ranging from urban planning and rapid emergency response to real
    estate development, insurance assessments and the creation of image backdrops
    for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases.”

    “Customers can order images of any geographic location in the world.
    only limitation is cloud cover,” said Conrad Mueller, Space Imaging’s vice
    president of international sales and marketing. “Teamed with our Regional
    Affiliates located worldwide, we have the advantage of providing these
    products to customers quickly and with local customer service.”

    Product Offerings

    One-meter resolution color CARTERRA products from IKONOS offer a wide
    range of mapping capabilities depending on the scope of the customer’s
    project, mapping requirements and cost requirements:

    CARTERRA Precision products are designed for provincial, state and local
    government projects, as well as transportation, utilities, telecommunications,
    real estate and other traditional geographic applications.
    These products are
    ideally suited for applications requiring a high degree of positional
    accuracy, such as base mapping, cadastral mapping, city planning, geographic
    information system (GIS) updates, change management, site selection and
    development. This product is produced using ground control and digital
    elevation models. It has a four-meter horizontal accuracy (CE 90%) and meets
    1:4800 U.S. National Map Accuracy Standards (NMAS). Prices range from
    $66 – $99/sqkm ($170 – $254/sqmi) for North America (with a minimum order of
    Price varies depending on the processing and license required.

    CARTERRA Reference products are ideally suited for applications where
    quick delivery and less positional accuracy is crucial, including large-area
    or regional mapping, GIS backdrops, real estate planning, change monitoring,
    agricultural monitoring, site evaluation, insurance assessments, natural
    disaster assessments, and other applications.
    This product has a horizontal
    accuracy of 25 meters (CE 90%) and meets 1:50,000 US. NMAS.
    Prices range from
    $29 – $44/sqkm ($75 – $112/sqmi) for North America (with a minimum order of
    Price varies depending on the processing and license required.

    CARTERRA Geo products are ideal for projects not requiring a high degree
    of positional accuracy but which require quick delivery such as emergency
    response, agriculture productivity monitoring and media reporting.
    range from $12 – $17/sqkm ($30 – $45/sqmi) for North America (with a minimum
    order of $1,000).
    Price varies depending on the processing and license

    Ordering CARTERRA Products

    Customers wishing to place an order may call the Customer Service Center
    at 301-552-0537 or 800-232-9037 between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. EST.
    Alternatively, customers may contact a North American or an international
    Space Imaging reseller.
    Information about contacting resellers is located on
    the Space Imaging Web site ( under “Find a Reseller.”
    When placing an order, customers will be asked to supply the latitude and
    longitude coordinates identifying their area of interest.
    pricing is available on the Space Imaging Web site and from Space Imaging’s
    Regional Affiliates, located in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
    International coverage requires customer-provided ground control, or ground
    control may be obtained by Space Imaging in some cases.

    About Space Imaging

    Space Imaging is a leading supplier of space imagery, aerial photography,
    mapping services, and derivative geographic information products and services.
    The company launched the world’s first and only one-meter resolution,
    commercial imaging satellite, IKONOS, on Sept. 24, 1999.
    Space Imaging also
    collects and/or distributes Earth imagery from the Indian Remote Sensing
    satellites, the U.S. Landsat, Canada’s RADARSAT and the European Space
    Agency’s ERS satellites.
    In addition, Space Imaging distributes imagery from
    the Japanese JERS imaging system archive.
    The company also delivers
    aerial-derived imagery products collected by its own Digital Airborne Imaging
    System (DAIS-1(TM)).
    Space Imaging markets its wide-ranging Earth image
    products under the CARTERRA(TM) brand name.

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