Space Imaging — the world’s leader in
providing high-resolution Earth imagery and related services to commercial
markets — announced today the addition of CARTERRA(TM) Pan + Multispectral
Bundle as a discount option.
This new option allows customers to purchase a
one-meter panchromatic (black and white) and four-meter multispectral (color)
image of the same area of interest at a 25 percent discount relative to
purchasing the panchromatic and multispectral images separately.
The option
will be available for CARTERRA Geo, CARTERRA Reference and CARTERRA Precision
The discount applies to both archived imagery and imagery which
needs to be scheduled for acquisition.

“This new pricing bundle will save our customers time and money,” said
Brian Soliday, vice president of North American sales and marketing for Space
“We’ve been listening to our customers, and they have told us that
they gain significant value when combining the CARTERRA one-meter panchromatic
imagery with the CARTERRA four-meter multispectral.
The bundling of these two
products provides our users the ability to meet and exceed their application
requirements with a lower cost and higher value solution.”

“Global awareness of our products and services is growing and customer
orders have exceeded our expectations for several months in a row,” said
Conrad Mueller, vice president of international sales and marketing for Space
“This new option allows us to capitalize on our production
capabilities and tailor our products and services to suit a diverse customer

About Space Imaging

Space Imaging is a leading supplier of visual information products derived
from space imagery and aerial photography.
The company launched the world’s
first and only one-meter resolution, commercial Earth imaging satellite,
IKONOS, on Sept. 24,1999.
Other CARTERRA products are produced from the
Indian Remote Sensing satellites, the U.S. Landsat, Canada’s RADARSAT and the
European Space Agency’s ERS satellites.
Space Imaging also delivers
aerial-derived imagery products collected by its own Digital Airborne Imaging
System (DAIS-1(TM)).
Customers wishing to place an order may call the
Customer Service Center at 301-552-0537 or 800-232-9037 or they may contact a
North American or an international Space Imaging reseller.
For detailed
information about Space Imaging, visit their Web site at