Contact: Linda Nelson, Co-Chair, 303-426-0806.

Background Information:

For 21 years, the National Space Society and its predecessor organization, the L5 Society, have hosted an annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC). The conference is held in a different city each year, typically during the Memorial Day
weekend at the end of May. This year the ISDC will take place May 23-27 at the Marriott Tech Center Hotel in Denver, Colorado.

Most members of the National Space Society consider the ISDC the most enjoyable and informative space opportunity available to them each year. At the ISDC, we assemble astronauts, scientists, engineers, educators, policy makers, and activists, so attendees can learn the basics of space development and settlement as well as the
latest cutting edge developments. These speakers are in the forefront of their fields, and are the same speakers that you would find at more expensive professional conferences.


This year the ISDC, with exhibitors, vendors and other participatory events, will include a Planetary Defense seminar on Thursday, a day of professional programming on Friday, covering separate tracks on Space Law, and Space Business. Programming
Friday through Monday will include, among other things, Moon, Mars, Space Mining and Construction, Orbital Applications, Spaceports, Sci Fi / Sci Fact, and an Introduction to Space, which will include a presentation by an astronaut. On Monday, the Conference will also host a workshop to assist educators with aerospace lesson plans and presentations.

Who Should Attend:

The ISDC is open to everyone interested in space development, space science, astronomy, settling the solar system, NASA, international space programs, space ships, astronauts, in short all types of space enthusiasts.


If you register in advance, the full Conference costs only $90.00 for adults and $45.00 for Seniors, students and teachers, plus an optional $25.00 fee for the Friday professional programs. You will have an opportunity to purchase luncheon, banquet and special tour tickets at an additional charge, once you have registered for the
Conference. Registration at the door will be $100.00 plus the additional $25.00 if you register for the optional Friday Professional programs.

You can register online .

The conference registration opens at 9pm on Thursday, May 23rd. Events will take place 9am to 11pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Monday activities will happen 9am Ð Noon.

For More Information:

More detailed information and a complete programming schedule access the ISDC 2002 website: If you have any questions about the convention, would like press passes, etc., please contact Linda Nelson at 303-426-0806 or 720-234-7744.