Administrator Sean O’Keefe today announced the
retirement of Stephen J. Varholy, Deputy Chief Financial
Officer for NASA Headquarters in Washington, effective
September 3. Varholy, who spent a decade in public accounting
before joining the government, also has served as the
agency’s Acting Chief Financial Officer.

Kenneth J. Winter, from NASA Langley Research Center in
Hampton, Va., will serve as Acting Deputy Chief Financial
Officer until a permanent replacement is selected. Winter is
currently Langley’s Chief Financial Officer and was the
deputy for Headquarters before Varholy. He has been with NASA
eight years.

Varholy first joined NASA in 1995 and spent five years as
Director of the agency’s Financial Management Division.
“Steve’s fiscal acumen and his management experience have
both played important roles in preparing the agency for a new
cost accounting infrastructure,” said Administrator O’Keefe.
“He stepped in during a critical time in this agency’s
accounting history and helped to lay the foundation for a
system that will get NASA’s financial books in order.”

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer is responsible for
developing overall agency policies, guidelines, and
procedures for budget administration, financial reporting,
and financial management systems, and for formulating
policies governing how financial services are provided and

Before joining NASA, Varholy spent four years as Chief of the
Financial Administration Division for the Department of
Interior in Washington. He has also served in various
capacities with the General Accounting Office and a national
public accounting firm.

Varholy has a master’s degree in Public Financial Management
from George Washington University and is a Certified Public
Accountant and a Certified Government Financial Manager.