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Solicitation Number: RFI-04-21-2000

NAIS Posted Date: Apr 21, 2000

CBDNet Posted Date: Apr 21, 2000

Response Date: May 03, 2000

Classification Code: V — Transportation, travel, and relocation services

Contracting Office Address


NASA/George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, Procurement Office, Marshall
Space Flight Center, AL 35812



Space Flight Center is hereby soliciting information for potential sources
for the Alternate Access to Space Station (AAS)acquisition.

This Request for Information (RFI) is being issued by NASA, Marshall Space
Flight Center for comments and statement of interest for the Alternate
Access to Space Station (AAS) acquisition.

The International Space Station (ISS) will nominally utilize the Shuttle,
the Russian Progress, or the Automated Transfer Vehicle for re-supply. In
the event that these delivery methods are unavailable, NASA desires a
contingency re-supply service for the ISS that would enhance ISS operability
(e.g., relieving the manifest demands of the aforementioned primary
re-supply carriers)
or meet critical ISS needs (e.g., launch on demand).

This notice is to seek industry comments and statements of interest about
NASA’s possible acquisition of a contingency re-supply service for the ISS.
The contingency re-supply service consists of two payload types: 1)
Progress equivalent contingency (heavy), and 2) small contingency (light).
The heavy payload mission shall be available for launch in a response time
to be defined by potential contractor capabilities. The light payload
mission shall have the capability to launch in rapid response or emergency
situation, i.e., within a few days. The AAS service encompasses a number of
major phases. These phases are the same for both the heavy and light
payload missions, and are as follows:

1. Build up of launch vehicle and integration of payload

2. Launch of the re-supply vehicle with payload to LEO

3. Phase maneuvers to Approach Ellipsoid (AE) of the station

4. Proximity operations within AE at station

5. Transfer of cargo into the station

6. Transfer of trash into the re-supply vehicle

7. Departure from ISS and controlled destructive re-entry

NASA is considering the possibility of soliciting proposals from industry
in Calendar Year 2000 for a study to assess the feasibility of a contingency
ISS re-supply service. The current schedule indicates a Study Request for
Proposals (RFP) release in the May 2000 timeframe. The study results will
be used to develop an approach for NASA to contract for alternate access to
station contingency re-suply services. NASA is interested in determining
the number of potential participants and any of their technical or
performance issues. Comments regarding the AAS service as described above
are also welcome.

Please forward all comments and statements of interest to this notice by
May 3, 2000 to Mr. Betty C. Kilpatrick at the following address: NASA,
George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, Procurement Office/PS52-G, Marshall
Space Flight Center, AL 35812.

This RFI is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government, nor
will the Government pay for the information solicited. Respondents will not
be notified of the results of the review. Any questions regarding this
announcement should be directed to the identified point of contact.

 Point of Contact

      Name:   Betty C. Kilpatrick
      Title:  Contract Specialist
      Phone:  (256) 544-0310
      Fax:    (256) 544-4080
      E-mail: betty.kilpatrick@msfc.nasa.gov

      Name:   George E. Pendley
      Title:  Contracting Officer
      Phone:  (256) 544-2949
      Fax:    (256) 544-2812
      E-mail: george.pendley@msfc.nasa.gov

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