Vacancy Announcement



Vacancy Announcement Number: HQU-SES-01-710

Opening Date: 12/12/2000

Closing Date: 03/15/2001



Salary: $115811 per year – $130200 per year

Promotion Potential: ES-06

Duty Location: 1 vacancy at WASHINGTON, DC

Applications will be accepted from:

Open to all qualified persons.

Major Duties: As the Associate Administrator for the Office of Biological and
Physical Research (OBPR), the incumbent is responsible for executive
leadership, overall planning, direction and effective accomplishment of NASA
programs concerned with biological, biomedical and physical sciences research
and applications, including ground and space flight programs for advanced
human support technology, fundamental biology, biomedical research, physical
science research, and space-based commercial research. Specifically, the
incumbent performs the following duties: Formulates, executes, and evaluates
NASA-sponsored and reimbursable programs in biological, biomedical, and
physical sciences including microgravity research, space-based commercial
products, payload operations, and education and scientific outreach
activities. Presents, advocates, and defends OBPR programs within NASA, the
Administration, Congress, academia, and the general public. Defines flight and
ground-based scientific and technical projects and associated space-based and
related ground-based experimental facilities to advance the knowledge of
sciences and to transfer that knowledge to the US industrial and academic
communities for practical applications. Directs the planning, development and
operation of NASA missions which use the International Space Station (ISS),
Space Shuttle, other Shuttle-attached payload carriers, free flyers, and other
advanced carriers to accomplish OBPR objectives and directing the provision of
these services to other users, pursuant to agreements between OBPR and the

Qualifications Required:

Candidates must demonstrate possession of responsible experience to perform
the duties described above. Normally, this level of experience would have
been gained at or above the GS/GM-15 level or its equivalent. Candidates MUST
demonstrated experience in the managerial and technical areas noted below:

Knowledges, Skills and Abilities Required:

Executive Core Qualifications:

1. Leading Change: Encompasses the ability to develop and implement an
organizational vision which integrates key national and program goals,
priorities, values, and other factors. Inherent to it is the ability to
balance change and continuity-to continually strive to improve customer
service and program performance within the basic Government framework, to
create a work environment that encourages creative thinking, and to maintain
focus, intensity and persistence, even under adversity.

2. Leading People: Involves the ability to design and implement strategies
which maximize employee potential and foster high ethical standards in meeting
the organization’s vision, mission, and goals.

3. Results Driven: Stresses accountability and continuous improvement. It
includes the ability to make timely and effective decisions and produce
results through strategic planning and implementation and evaluation of
programs and policies.

4. Business Acumen: Involves the ability to acquire and administer human,
financial, material, and information resources in a manner which instills
public trust and accomplishes the organization’s mission, and to use new
technology to enhance decision making.

5. Building Coalitions/Communication: Involves the ability to explain,
advocate and express facts and ideas in a convincing manner, and negotiate
with individuals and groups internally and externally. It also involves the
ability to develop an expansive professional network with other organizations,
and to identify the internal and external politics that impact the work of the


1. This position requires a degree in biological science, physical science,
engineering, or mathematics that included 24 semester hours in physical
science and/or related engineering science such as mechanics, dynamics,
properties of materials, and electronics. OR Combination of education and
experience-education equivalent to one of the majors shown above that included
at least 24 semester hours in physical science and/or related engineering
science, plus appropriate experience or additional education.

Ph.D or M.D. degree with experience in basic, applied and/or clinical research
in areas supported by Office of Biological and Physical Research is desirous.
Preference will be given to individuals with biomedical research experience.

2. Ability to manage and direct biological, biomedical and physical science

3. Ability to manage and direct technological programs relevant to the Office
of Biological and Physical Research’s mission.

4. Knowledge of biological and/or physical sciences as they apply to human
space exploration research.

5. Ability to direct commercial activities as related to biological and
physical sciences.

6. Demonstrated management of research-related projects in the government,
private or academic sector.

Applicants must be eligible to receive a secret clearance.

NOTE: Additional information on SES and how to address qualifications can be
found on the following website:

Basis of Rating:

Applicants will be evaluated by an Executive Resources Panel based on the
executive and technical qualification requirements stated in this
announcement, and eligible candidates will be placed in qualified and
highly-qualified categories. Interviews and qualification and suitability
inquiries may be requested. The highly-qualified will be referred to the
appropriate official who will recommend selection.

Pay, Benefits and Work Schedule:

Conditions of Employment:

Other Information:

NASA is an equal opportunity employer, and all applications will be considered
without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political
affiliation, marital status, physical handicap, membership in an employee
organization, or other non-merit reason. This announcement is for a career
appointment to a position in the NASA Senior Executive Service (SES). Persons
entering the SES for the first time are subject to a one-year probationary
period. A financial disclosure statement is required upon appointment into
the SES. This statement will be used to avoid conflicting situations in
employment through advice and counseling.

This position (is _ X__) (is not ____ ) subject to random drug testing.

How To Apply:

You may either submit a resume or form OF-612. The following information MUST
be provided:

*Vacancy number and title of the job applying for

*Full name, mailing address, day and evening phone

*Social Security Number

*Citizenship status

*Reinstatement eligibility

*Highest Federal civilian grade held (also give job series and dates held)

*Educational information for High School and above (give name, city, state,
date of diploma, majors, and types of degrees)

*Work experience RELATED to the job applied for in the following format: Job
title, duties and accomplishments, employer’s name and address, supervisor’s
name and work phone, starting and ending dates, hours per week, and salary
*Indicate if we may contact your current supervisor

*Training, skills, honors, awards, membership in professional/honor societies,
that are RELATED to the job applied for.

Applicants should provide, as a supplement to the above, work examples for
each of the Executive Core Qualifications and Technical Qualifications listed
above. The same example may be used for more than one ECQ. This ECQ
supplement should not exceed 10 pages. If you include reference letters
addressing your ECQ’s, they will count as part of your 10 pages. Do not send
position descriptions, personal endorsements, or other unsolicited materials.

Resumes or applications must be received or postmarked no later than the
closing date. Applicants should keep copies of all application materials
since they will not be returned. Applicants who do not provide all of the
required information may lose consideration for the position for which they
are applying. All internal NASA applicants currently in the SES need only
submit a memorandum requesting consideration and any relevant supplemental
information you wish the selecting official to consider.

This agency provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with
disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the
application and hiring process, please notify the agency. The decision on
granting reasonable accommodation will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Applications should be sent to:

NASA Headquarters

Human Resources Management Division (Code CP)

Attention: Julie Porter

Washington, DC 20546-0001

For additional information, contact:
Jeanette Covington (202) 358-4655 or TDD (202) 358-3581

The necessary forms are available at this address and at all Federal Job
Information Centers.

For additional information about this position please contact:



Please submit your application package to:




WASHINGTON, DC 20546-0001

The Federal Government is an Equal Opportunity Employer.