Glaciers and volcanoes on Mars, earthquakes on Venus, the effects of past asteroid impacts on the Earth – these are just a few of the many fascinating topics that will be covered at the 33rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 11-15 at the South Shore Harbour Resort & Conference Center in League City, Texas.

Media are invited to attend all sessions and can register for the
conference, at no charge, via the Web at:

Under “registration status” select “Working Press $0.00.” News media with
additional questions, or those who wish to schedule interviews with
participants, should contact Pam Thompson at the Lunar and Planetary
Institute. Thompson can be reached by phone at 281/486-2175 or by e-mail at

A preliminary program and abstracts are available on the Web at:

On Tuesday afternoon, preliminary results from the current Mars Odyssey
mission›uìŒl be discussed. A Wednesday afternoon session will focus on the
recent Deep Space One flyby of comet Borrelly, which provided the highest
resolution data yet obtained of a cometary nucleus. Additional results from
the NEAR-Shoemaker mission to the asteroid Eros also will be presented
Wednesday afternoon. Thursday afternoon features new results on Martian
meteorites, while Friday morning highlights the continuing debate on
evidence for life in Martian meteorite ALH84001.

The 2002 conference is sponsored by NASA, the Lunar and Planetary Institute,
and the NASA Johnson Space Center. Meeting chairs are Carl B. Agee of JSC
and David C. Black of LPI.

Additional information about conference events can be found on the Web at: