Sarah Keegan

Headquarters, Washington, DC

(Phone: 202/358-1902)

Jerry Berg

Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL

(Phone: 256/544-0034)


NASA Selects New Financial Management Software

NASA has selected SAP Public Sector and Education, Inc. of
Washington, DC, to deliver a commercial, off-the-shelf accounting
system to replace 10 different systems now used by NASA field

The award will be made by exercising options for software and
associated annual maintenance under an existing General Services
Administration (GSA) Schedule Contract delivery/task order with
SAP. The initial award for the software and the first year of
maintenance is $6.67 million.

The standardized system SAP delivers under the firm, fixed-price
contract will have several benefits for NASA:

* It will provide timely, consistent and reliable information
for management decisions.

* It will improve NASA’s accountability and enable full-cost

* It will enable NASA to achieve efficiencies and operate

* It will serve as the infrastructure that will allow NASA to
exchange information with customers and stakeholders.

* It will help NASA attract and retain a world-class workforce
by enabling employees to do their jobs more effectively.

This Core Financial Software will support NASA’s Integrated
Financial Management Program (IFMP), Core Financial Project. It
consists of the following components: standard general ledger,
accounts receivable, accounts payable, budget execution,
purchasing, fixed assets, project accounting, and cost allocation.
The Core Financial Project serves as the backbone of the IFM
Program and is the first active project under IFMP.

A team of NASA employees from across the Agency skilled in
accounting, procurement and information technology has been
brought together at the Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville,
AL, to implement the pilot program, and to support the
implementation at other NASA locations.