Dear NASA Quest Mail List Members,

Mark your calendars now for the upcoming NASA Quest WebCast
sponsored by Learning Technologies Channel and the Challenger Center
celebrating Space Day 2000 on May 4, 2000.

“Houston, We Have a Solution!” introduces students to real-life problem
solvers whose solutions give insight on how to plunge into some of the
challenges of living and working in space. Challenges include:

** The Water ReCycle: Recycling water …every drop…for basic survival

** Xtreme Fitness: Staying fit…and having fun … exercising in microgravity or “weightlessness”

** Space Walk Talk: Communicating in the hostile environment of space …without words

Also, a workshop, held February 23 and 24, was developed by
Challenger Center for Space Science Education in conjunction
with NASA Johnson Space Center Distance Learning and Education
Project as part of Space Day 2000’s national cooperative learning event
being hosted by Challenger Center.

You can access the Space Day 2000’s Design Challenges
teacher workshop’s video segments (Real Player required) online now! These
segments include:

  • Welcome and a Virtual tour
  • Workshop Overview and some Words from Barbara Morgan
  • Methodology and Pedagogy of Design Challenges
  • Design Challenges
  • Technology/Web Component

See for complete details.



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