One of the most important byproducts of aerospace
exploration and research is finding ways to apply these
cutting-edge technologies to life here on Earth. Many of the
conveniences people take for granted today were first
developed by NASA.

These latest agency innovations are now featured in the 2001
issue of Spinoff. A new video enhancement tool and a non-
invasive heart monitor are just a couple of the agency’s
nearly 50 commercialized products featured.

In addition to highlighting new commercial products benefiting
from NASA technology, Spinoff revisits past innovations in a
special millennium feature-section.

Since 1976, Spinoff has showcased more than 1,300 public
benefits of NASA’s commercial partnerships with private
industry. The publication also covers the agency’s research
and development activities and serves as a reference resource
to the agency’s commercial technology network.

Since NASA’s inception in 1958, technologies resulting from
the space program have introduced Americans to hundreds of new
or improved products. The 2001 Spinoff describes the latest
products in the areas of health and medicine, transportation,
public safety, computer technology, manufacturing technology,
consumer/home/recreation, and environment and resources

Online versions of Spinoff, beginning with the 1996 issue, are
available on the World Wide Web. The Spinoff Web site also
contains a searchable database of all technologies featured
the past 26 years. Companies interested in featuring their
product in Spinoff or anyone wishing to request the latest
issue can find contact information on the Web site.

Media representatives interested in obtaining a print copy of
Spinoff may contact the National Technology Transfer Center by
telephone at 800/678-6882. Further questions may be addressed
by e-mail to the editors at

Additional information about the NASA Technology network and
an online version of Spinoff are available on the Internet at: