A U.S. General
Accounting Office study completed last month has concluded that NASA’s
current level of staffing is insufficient to support the agency’s
ambitious Space Shuttle and Space Station schedules. Florida, through
the Florida Space Research Institute, Workforce Florida, Brevard
Community College, and the State University System, is exploring programs
with NASA to assist in generating qualified workers for Kennedy Space
Center and its contractors.

Florida Selects SERPL Construction Manager — The Florida Department of
Management Services, in cooperation with the Spaceport Authority and NASA
has selected Bovis Lend Lease Inc. of Orlando to provide construction
management for the Space Experiment, Research & Processing Laboratory.
The state provided $14 million in FY-2001 to begin SERPL construction as
part of a proposed Space Station Commerce Park at KSC.

Spaceport Authority Includes Federal Contacts Update on Website — The
Spaceport Authority’s website now includes an updated page listing
Florida’s federal elected officials and their staff members responsible
for space issues. Visit www.spaceportflorida.com to view the

Spaceport Authority and Space Research Institute Participate in SpaceFest
— The Spaceport Authority and the Florida Space Research Institute
(FSRI) will participate in the September 8-10 “SpaceFest” in Titusville.
FSRI Executive Director (and former astronaut) Sam Durrance will be a
featured speaker during the event.

Website Offers Spaceport Photos — A new web-based photo service
featuring launches other operations at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport is
now on-line at www.photobitionspaceport.com. Photobition Spaceport is a
contractor at Kennedy Space Center responsible for photographic services
for launches and special events at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport. The
company also provides access to historical photographs and photo archives
from NASA centers nationwide. Call 321-867-4150 for information.

Pratt & Whitney Wins Engine Research Work from NASA — Pratt & Whitney of
West Palm Beach has been awarded a $99,488 contract from NASA to study
low-speed engines for hypersonic vehicles, with an emphasis on
single-stage-to-orbit designs, according to Orbital Report.

Pratt & Whitney/RD-AmRoss Engine Production in Florida Likely in 2005 —
The RD-AmRoss LLC joint venture between West Palm Beach’s Pratt & Whitney
and Russia’s Energomash is designed to include a Florida-based production
line for Russian-designed RD-180 rocket engines. The timeline for
establishing this Florida-based production capability has been unclear
based on several factors, but according to comments by Energomash
officials, as reported by Orbital Report, Florida-based production may be
accomplished in 2005. Meanwhile, according to Space News, the Air Force
intends to enable a formal delay of a Defense Department requirement that
Pratt & Whitney establish a domestic production line by 2002.

Space Shuttle Needs Extensive Repairs — According to Florida Today,
workers conducting maintenance on the Space Shuttle Columbia have
identified about 3,500 items that require repair, many more than on the
other Shuttle orbiters. Repair-related delays will not impact the Space
Station assembly schedule, since Columbia is not being used for such

X-34 Changes May Impact Florida Plans — NASA may delay and reduce
planned flights of its X-34 hypersonic spaceplane, due to NASA’s desire
to ensure the program’s success by minimizing risks. According to
Orbital Report, the number of powered flights may be reduced from 27 to 6
or 2, and the speed may be reduced from Mach 8 to Mach 2.5. Under the
proposed program changes, all powered flights would be performed at
NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center in California. Florida has been
planned as the site for several powered flight tests, and has developed a
suitable hangar in partnership KSC for X-34 and other reusable launch

Thiokol Plans Cheaper Castor 120 Motor — According to Space News,
Thiokol Propulsion will soon test an upgraded version of its Castor 120
rocket motor, and may build a shortened version of the motor for use as
an upper-stage. The Castor 120 is used by Lockheed Martin’s Athena and
Orbital Sciences Corp.’s Taurus at the Spaceport Authority’s Launch
Complex 46 at the Cape Canaveral Spaceport.

Space Commerce Partnership Meeting Planned — The Florida Space Business
Roundtable’s Space Commerce Partnership will meet at 9:00 a.m. on Sep. 8
at the Cocoa Beach Area Chamber of Commerce on Merritt Island.

Beach Cleanup at Spaceport — The Air Force and NASA are sponsoring a
Sep. 14 beach cleanup along the 13-miles of beach on the Cape Canaveral
Spaceport. Govt. and contractor employees are encouraged to participate.
Last year’s cleanup generated 25 tons of trash (on beaches that were not
open to public access!). Call 321-853-6823 to volunteer or for info.

Edward Ellegood

Spaceport Florida Authority

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Cape Canaveral, Florida 32920-4003

321-730-5301, ext. 1105 (phone); 321-730-5307 (fax)