AverStar, Inc., a
leader in providing information technology services and software solutions for
commercial and government customers, today announced that AverStar employee
Chris Strong was chosen by NASA as one of four “Best of the Best” QASAR award
Strong received the award at NASA’s annual Continual Improvement
and Reinvention Conference held on April 27 in Alexandria, Va.
In addition to
his recognition from NASA, Strong has been presented with a $10,000 cash award
from AverStar.

Strong, who leads AverStar’s Houston-based International Space Station
Electrical Power System (EPS) IV&V (Independent Verification & Validation)
team, was selected for making the most significant contributions to the Space
Station’s EPS software development program.
The work of Strong’s IV&V team on
the EPS software has ensured both the safety of the space station crew and the
operational effectiveness of flight critical software.

“We are extremely proud of Chris for his achievements and his work on the
Space Station,” said Michael Alexander, AverStar’s chairman and CEO.
along with our entire Space Station EPS IV&V team, has continuously
demonstrated a passionate commitment to safe and consistent software
All of our IV&V technicians have unparalleled expertise to verify
and validate mission-critical software applications, and they are driven to be
the ‘best of the best’ because they understand that a system failure can mean
more than lost dollars – it can mean lost lives.”

NASA’s QASAR (Quality and Safety Achievement Recognition) Award Program
recognizes specific government and contractor employees who have displayed
exemplary performance in contributing to the quality and/or safety of
products, services, processes, or management programs and activities.
previously won the Ames Research Center QASAR award, and was selected over
seven other regional QASAR winners as NASA’s annual “Best of the Best” winner
in the contractor category.

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