Dwayne Brown / Kirsten Williams

Headquarters, Washington, DC.

(Phone: 202/358-1726/358-0243)

Doug Peterson

Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX

(Phone: 281/244-8406)

RELEASE: 00-116

Seventeen men and women have been selected for the astronaut
candidate class of 2000, scheduled to arrive at NASA’s Johnson
Space Center, Houston, TX, in August to begin a period of
training and evaluation.

This year’s class consists of seven pilot and 10 mission
specialist candidates. Of the 17 class members, 14 are male and
three are female.

Dominic A. Antonelli (Lt., USN)

Michael R. Barratt, M.D.

Robert L. Behnken (Capt., USAF)

Eric A. Boe (Maj., USAF)

Stephen G. Bowen (Lt. Cmdr., USN)

B. Alvin Drew (Maj., USAF)

Andrew J. Feustel, Ph.D.

Kevin A. Ford (Lt. Col., USAF)

Ronald J. Garan, Jr. (Maj., USAF)

Michael T. Good (Maj., USAF)

Douglas G. Hurley (Maj., USMC)

Timothy L. Kopra (Maj., USA)

K. Megan McArthur

Karen L. Nyberg, Ph.D.

Nicole P. Stott

Terry W. Virts, Jr. (Capt., USAF)

Barry E. Wilmore (Lt. Cmdr., USN

The astronaut candidates were selected through a highly
competitive process that evaluated their education, training,
experience, and unique qualifications.

Following the initial period of training and evaluation, the
astronaut candidates will receive technical assignments and
continue training in preparation for space flight assignment.

A complete list of the candidates and their biographical
information can be found at the following web site address:


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