A NASA Lear Jet Model 24 flight research support aircraft was heavily
damaged today during a landing at the Southern California Air
Logistics Base, formerly George Air Force Base near Victorville,
Calif., while on a flight originating from the NASA Dryden Flight
Research Center, Edwards, Calif. The incident occurred at about
11:50 a.m.

The three-man crew, two NASA crew members and a U.S. Air Force
Academy cadet undergoing flight surgeon training, escaped apparent

No other aircraft were involved. There were no injuries to personnel
on the ground, and no damage to property on the ground.

The aircraft was accomplishing a touch-and-go landing at the time of
the incident. The aircraft was heavily damaged after contacting the
runway and departing the pavement.

An interim investigation team has been formed to determine the cause
of the incident.

The aircraft is a Model 24 corporate class, high altitude, high
performance jet powered by two General Electric jet engines
delivering a maximum thrust of 2,950 lbs. each.

The Lear Jet is an economical, quick-response research support
aircraft, capable of take-off and landings at many small to medium
size airports closed to larger heavier aircraft. Capable of flying
1,500 nautical miles, at an altitude of 45,000 feet, it can support
an experimental payload of 1,200 lbs.