World Leader in Space Exploration Expands SAP Enterprisewide Solution

SAP Public Services, Inc., today announced that the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration (NASA) will expand its deployment of®, the
comprehensive e-business platform of SAP, to streamline business
processes and increase operational effectiveness.

Building on its initial license of mySAP(TM) Financials in
September 2000, the world’s leading space agency has purchased an
additional 12,600 licenses for the suite of solutions. The
SAP® solutions will help meet the agency’s user requirements for the
remaining NASA Integrated Financial Management (IFM) Program modules,
specifically budget planning and formulation; integrated asset
management (including logistics, facilities, environmental and
aircraft); and human resources and payroll, available within the suite. NASA’s IFM Program is the organization charged to
improve financial, physical and human resources management processes
throughout the agency.

The new licenses more than double the number of users of mySAP
Financials from the original 6,000 and expand the value of the
original procurement. NASA purchased the additional licenses
and associated maintenance through 2007 for $22 million to meet user