NASA’s Kennedy Space Center was awarded the prestigious Franklin Covey
Team Award for Synergy and Impact for 2001. KSC Director Roy D. Bridges and
several members of the KSC Change Leaders Network, attended the Franklin
Covey 8th Annual International Symposium in Salt Lake City, Utah, in
October, to receive the award.

KSC was among only six organizations worldwide to receive the award in
the category. The Team Award for Synergy and Impact was awarded to KSC for
its “outstanding effectiveness in the workplace and community,” according to
Bob Whitman, CEO of FranklinCovey.

In 1997, under the leadership of Bridges, a Change Leaders Network
(CLN) was formed consisting of more than 35 employee leaders from the
Center’s NASA civil service workforce, as part of the new strategic
direction, “KSC 2020” Vision Plan. The CLN members were appointed by the
Center Director and their organizational directors, trained and certified as
facilitators in the acclaimed Covey workshop, “The 7 Habits of Highly
Effective People.”

“The Change Leaders Network is a vital team of ‘change agents’ that is
helping our Center move toward our vision as a Spaceport Technology Center,”
Bridges said. The CLN has expanded to over 60 members and now includes CLN
alumni. Bridges envisions the group to be as large as 300 to facilitate
KSC’s strategic future.

“It is an honor to be recognized by a world-renowned organization such
as Franklin Covey, Bridges acknowledged. “It is a reflection of the
dedication and the hard work of our entire KSC family.”

One of the goals of the “KSC 2020” Vision Plan was to train 1,100 KSC
employees in the
“7 Habits” with the intention of helping the employees prepare for
large-scale change associated with the new vision. The success of this
collaborative effort has resulted in sustained momentum in the change
initiative at KSC and more effective use of the workforce to compete and
thrive in competitive industry challenges. Among other services provided by
the CLN are: change facilitation, peer coaching, strategic communications,
and teambuilding.

The Change Leaders Network goals are to be effective facilitators,
communicators and role models for KSC’s strategic change leadership
activities within and among organizations across the Center. The Network
encourages, educates and facilitates the acceptance and practice of positive
change to influence and lead others towards a more rewarding personal and
professional life.