Commercial Technology Program and its partner, the National Technology
Transfer Center in Washington, D.C., recently chose Kern Direct Inc.
to facilitate several new national direct marketing campaigns
promoting NASA’s “technology to the private sector” programs. These
programs are aimed at stimulating development of new commercial
applications of NASA-developed technology.

NASA’s efforts are part of a broader-scope initiative designed to
develop partnerships between NASA and U.S. industry. NASA has launched
a new proactive strategy to create partnerships while technologies are
still in their emerging phases. These partnerships will grow as the
technology develops.

Kern’s charter is to inform and educate, then subsequently
generate leads from U.S. companies, in a variety of industries, that
wish to tap into NASA’s technology. Kern will provide NASA with
strategic guidance in reaching the business-to-business private
sector, and will develop online and offline trade and business
advertising and direct marketing programs that drive business research
and development managers and decision makers to NASA’s technology Web
site, namely NASATECHNOLOGY.COM, or to their 800 number, 800/678-6882.

Kern Direct, located in Woodland Hills, is dedicated to helping
high technology business-to-business marketers with the entire sales
lead nurturing process — from generation, to response, to conversion
to revenue — through the company’s exclusive S.U.R.E.-Fire® Direct
Marketing Response Planning Process.

Other Kern Direct clients include VeriSign, SGI, Blue Pumpkin
Software,, Avaya, and Network Solutions.

For more information on Kern Direct, call 800/335-4244, or go to