NASA Ames Research Center officials today announced new entry
procedures designed to make it easier for visitors to enter NASA
Research Park, the 213-acre research and development campus being
developed at Moffett Field.

Starting today, visitors to NASA Research Park need only show their
driver’s license or appropriate photo identification to the guard on
duty at the main gate on Moffett Boulevard or at the Ellis
Street/South Gate, which will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.,
Monday through Friday. Visitors to NASA Research Park will need to
inform the gate guard of their destination, and access will be
permitted only during the visited facility’s normal business hours.
News media access must be coordinated with the facility to be visited.

“As NASA begins the process of transforming the former Naval Air
Station Moffett Field into a dynamic research and education
community, we want to facilitate our gate entry procedures to make it
easier for the public to enter this exciting new development,” said
William Berry, Deputy Director of NASA Ames Research Center.

Students attending classes at one of the NASA Research Park
university facilities can gain access by showing their student
identification card. Military retirees will continue to be granted
access upon presentation of their retired military identification
credentials. NASA Two new gates and a new security fence have been installed to control
public access to NASA Ames Research Center (the Ames Campus).
Visitors to the Ames Campus still will require a visitor pass issued
by the Visitor and Badging Office, located in Building 26 at the main
gate. News media visits will continue to be coordinated and approved
by the NASA Public Affairs Office prior to the issuance of a visitor

For further information about access, badging and security, contact
the Ames Protective Services Office. The hotline number is
650/604-3400, the on-duty manager can be reached at 650/604-1622 or
call the Emergency Dispatch Center at 650/604-5416.

For information about the NASA Research Park, please see the project web site: