NASA Goddard
Space Flight Center hosted a DC area users’ group meeting on October
13 for IntelliSense Corporation’s market-leading CAD for MEMS
software, IntelliSuite(TM). At the meeting, IntelliSuite users from
Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia discussed emerging
applications for MEMS with IntelliSense management and proposed a
development path for CAD for MEMS software.

IntelliSuite is unique in the CAD for MEMS industry because it can
adapt its source code to incorporate user feedback into upcoming
releases. The meeting is the first of many gatherings of IntelliSuite
users organized to give users a further voice in defining the features
of future releases of IntelliSuite. IntelliSuite users in the DC area
include NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, George Washington
University, Morgan State University, Northrop-Grumman, and ACT
MicroDevices. Both Northrop-Grumman and ACT MicroDevices have played a
role in IntelliSense’s Commercial Partnership Program, in which
IntelliSense engineers developed new functionality to meet customer
requirements. Among the features developed in IntelliSuite were
piezoelectric analysis, micro-assembly analysis and a variety of mask
editor options.

“NASA was delighted to host the regional users’ group meeting,”
remarked Dr. Donald Silversmith, Visiting Professor at NASA Goddard
Space Flight Center. “NASA encourages outreach activities to further
communications between suppliers and customers which may enhance the
use of products by both NASA and the general public.”

“User groups allow IntelliSense to continue setting the standard
in MEMS,” added Andrew Swiecki, IntelliSense’s VP of Sales and
Marketing. “Many of the best ideas in CAD for MEMS come from our
users. IntelliSense listens to its user base closely and develops the
analytic capabilities that the research and business communities need
for the next generation of MEMS. For example, our software customers
have long enjoyed the ability to move designs seamlessly between
IntelliSuite and other design packages. Our customers requested and
received the ability to import from and export to other industry
standard packages such as AutoCAD, Vector Works, L-Edit, ANSYS, and
PATRAN. As a result, they spend less time in the development phase and
get new products to market faster.”

IntelliSuite is a family of process-driven MEMS design tools that
includes a process simulation module; a comprehensive mask layout
tool; an anisotropic etch simulator; the most comprehensive thin-film
materials database; and a complete suite of modules to allow
three-dimensional analysis of electrostatic, thermomechanical, coupled
thermoelectromechanical, electromagnetic, and microfluidic effects.

About IntelliSense

For nearly a decade, IntelliSense Corporation
( has been the only supplier of CAD for MEMS
software as well as design, development, and volume manufacturing
services. IntelliSense’s market-leading software, IntelliSuite(TM),
allows MEMS designers to use a process-driven approach to developing
MEMS devices, reducing the need for lengthy and costly iterations in
the design process. IntelliSuite focuses on providing the most
complete device-level analysis capability, and includes unique
features such as dynamic analysis of fluid-structure interaction;
analysis of piezoelectric actuation; and analysis of contact,
postcontact & microassembly. The unique capabilities of IntelliSuite
complement IntelliSense’s in-house development expertise and extensive
flexible fabrication capability. IntelliSense operates independently
as a subsidiary of Corning Incorporated and serves
customers with MEMS design, development and volume manufacturing
services in fifteen countries on three continents.