KSC Contact: Patti Phelps

KSC Release No. 6-A-00

Kennedy Space Center (KSC) honored 52 of its civil service and contractor employees at a special Honoree Event held at the space center in December.

The KSC employees are among some 250 NASA and industry employees from around the country who were honored by top NASA and industry leaders for their significant contributions to the nation’s space program.

The KSC employees attended a special reception in their honor, and were joined by astronauts and senior NASA and industry officials of the Space Shuttle and International Space Station team. They were given a VIP tour of Kennedy Space Center and participated in various briefings. They also watched the STS-103 launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery on Sunday, Dec. 19, from a special VIP viewing site. STS-103 was the third Space Shuttle flight dedicated to servicing the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Honoree Award is the highest form of recognition bestowed upon an employee by the NASA Space Flight Awareness Program. Recipients are selected for their professional dedication and outstanding achievement in support of the human spaceflight program.

Ten civil service employees were honored. They were Karon J. Buchner, Juan P. Calero, Kenneth A. Hale, Maxine S. Johnson, Ronnie R. Lawson, Lawrence D. Maggie, Kenneth L. Newton, James P. Niehoff, Jeffery G. Spaulding and Stephen J. Swichkow.

Boeing Space and Communications employees honored include Craig C. Catizone, Michel Hedrick, Carol A. Hoar, Thomas S. Livengood, Tara S. Miller, Janet C. Ruberto, Brian D. Scofield, Mitchell E. Sestile and Larry A. Wood.

Other contractor Honorees were Neil C. Yorio of Dynamac Corporation; David P. Floyd of Dynacs Engineering Co., Inc.; Kenneth A. Castner of Lockheed Martin Space Operations; Michael L. Kosiba of Wiltech Corporation; and Thomas M. Buchman, James L. Fisher, Gregory M. Hooper, Charles A. Malloy and Ricky D. OíQuinn of Space Gateway Support.

United Space Alliance employees honored were Albert A. Barbuscia, Tamora E. Blaue, Robert C. Brock, Martin L. Carlson, Larry A. Carr, Duc M. Chau, Vernon D. Cheney, Betty J. Clark, Kimberly S. Falzone, Michael W. Fowler, Terryson Fredricks, Mark A. Grinder, Barbara J. Harris, Bill Keenan of Hamilton Sundstrand, A United Technologies Company, Michael H. Olka, Keith F. Palmer of Olsten Staffing Services, Inc., Anil K. Patel, Rodney G. Pratt, Linda K. Smith, Hal L. Snow, Michael D. Stoner, Dale S. Walker, Judith R. Weaver and Judy A. Worrells.