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The Plum Brook Operations Group, a joint venture of Diversitech, Inc., a Cincinnati, OH, small disadvantaged
business, and Call Henry, Inc., a Cocoa, FL, small business, has been awarded a contract to provide operational
services at the NASA Glenn Research Center’s Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, OH.

The performance-based contract provides for a base period of three years and, subject to overall contractor
performance, up to seven one-year award term periods for a potential full contract life of 10 years. The total contract
value, including the one-year periods, is estimated to be $63.5 million.

The company will provide security, custodial, and facility and grounds maintenance services and will operate Plum
Brook Station’s unique aerospace testing facilities.

The contract consolidates two existing contracts for operations and test site support services and is expected to
provide overall work efficiencies to NASA.

Plum Brook Station is a 6400-acre facility that operates several large-scale aerospace test facilities. Recent tests
completed at Plum Brook Station includes a thermal control system for the International Space Station and the
upper stage payload shroud for the European Space Agency’s Ariane V spacecraft.

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