Merry Math
Tomorrow Wednesday,
December 13, 2000
11 AM – 12 PM PST
Please note the event time

NASA Quest presents Merry Math featuring AstroClaus and Dr. Joy

Join space travel experts AstroClaus and Dr. Joy in an on-line contest and interactive webcast as they unravel mathematical ideas and concepts pertaining to space flight- via shuttle or sleigh!.

NASA Quest’s Deep Space Online presents

December 20th, 2000

10 AM – 11 AM PST

David Burrows specializing in building X-ray instruments which fly on sounding rockets and spacecraft, and measure the spectrum of X-rays from hot gases in our galaxy.

Join us and chat live with David.

Farming in Space Series

January 8, 2001

NASA’s Classroom of the Future and NASA Quest bring you the ISS Challenge™ project inviting K-12 teachers and students to participate in a cross-school, International Space Station (ISS) plant science investigation. The investigation, called Farming in Space, is an adapted version of the Biomass Production System 24-Day Test scheduled to be launched in January of 2002.

Under Construction-The International Space Station

January 17

10am PST

Have you ever wondered why and how experiments will be done on the International Space Station? January’s segment of this series will take you “inside” the Unity module for a discussion on conducting experiments in microgravity. Join us at:

The X-38 space age lifeboat

January 18, 2001

10am PST

The International Space Station is our most advanced spacecraft, yet it does not launch into space from Earth, nor will it return from space to land on Earth. The shuttle only makes periodic visits, so astronauts who live and work on the ISS must have a means to return to Earth in case of an emergency. Learn more about the emergency crew return lifeboat during the webcast from the Johnson Space Center, at:


Thank you to all of you who applied to be a part of the Astro-Venture Astronomy Training Pilot Test. We have finally completed review of all 150 applications and have selected a group that represents a cross-section of the national population. Selected candidates were sent an e-mail notification on Wednesday, December 6, 2000 and were asked to confirm that the module works on their systems. Should selected applicants decide not to participate, we may be contacting other applicants to fill their spots. We greatly appreciate the immense interest and enthusiasm for this project, and have added all applicants to this e-mail list so that you might continue to receive updates on new events and opportunities to pilot future modules.

Thanks and have a great holiday season,

The NASA Ames Educational Technology Team