Graphic and beautiful photographs of some of the world’s most
exotic aircraft are available to editors online at
in the Gallery section of NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center web

Taken by award-winning NASA photographers, the images are
presented in three resolutions, enabling use in newspapers,
magazines, and books. The Gallery includes current photographs of
research aircraft like the record altitude high-flying Helios
solar-powered flying wing and the fuel-efficient Autonomous Formation
Flight F/A-18s as well as timeless images of the 4,000-mph X-15
rocket plane of the 1960s and the sleek Douglas Skyrocket of the

When NASA tests a new craft at Dryden, like the X-38 Crew Return
Vehicle for the International Space Station, dramatic photos of the
flight are posted to the Dryden web. If the space shuttle lands at
the Dryden/Edwards Air Force Base complex, its high-speed touchdown
is preserved on the web in dramatic images.

Guidelines for use of these public-domain images can be found
on the web site.