Peggy Wilhide

Headquarters, Washington, DC

(Phone: 202/358-1898)

RELEASE: 00-69

Administrator Daniel S. Goldin today announced the
creation of a new office to increase the Agency’s
emphasis on health and safety on the ground and in space.

Dr. Arnauld Nicogossian will lead the effort as Chief
Health and Medical Officer, reporting directly to the
NASA Administrator. Dr. Nicogossian will be responsible
for developing the Agency’s infrastructure in areas such
as best medical practices, professional development and
training, and improvement.

“Dr. Nicogossian’s wealth of experience as the
flight surgeon for the Apollo-Soyuz program; a researcher
at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX; and as the
Associate Administrator for Life and Microgravity
Sciences and Applications makes him the perfect
choice,” said Goldin. “He will be responsible
for developing policy and oversight of the Agency’s
health program.”

The Administrator has made health and safety NASA’s
number one priority, expanding the Agency’s efforts to
create a healthy and diverse workforce focusing on
cutting edge research, a permanent human presence in
space, and developing new technologies to extend human
reach into the far corners of the solar system.

“On the ground and in space, rapid advances in
medical knowledge and tools need to be adapted and
incorporated into our planning and practices,” said
Goldin. “We want to ensure a safe, healthy, and
productive working environment to benefit all our

Dr. Nicogossian will establish the NASA Health
Council to address the Agency’s needs and investments in
health, including strengthening external interfaces with
other health agencies. Similar infrastructure will be
established as appropriate at NASA field centers.

Dr. Nicogossian will continue to serve in the
capacity of Associate Administrator for Life and
Microgravity Sciences and Applications pending the
selection of his replacement. NASA will begin an
immediate search to fill the position.


* * *