Frank LaRocca, Counsel to the Inspector General at NASA, recently
received the Year 2000 Award for Training from the Council of Counsels
to the Inspectors General. The award recognizes Mr. LaRocca’s role in
organizing legal training for the Office of Inspector General (OIG)
counsels nationwide. The training, which occurred on October 18, 2000,
included subject matter experts on such topics as electronic
communications and privacy, government paperwork elimination, inspector
general subpoenas, money laundering and forfeiture, and whistleblower
protection. Mr. LaRocca also sponsors periodic legal training for the
NASA OIG. Currently, he organizes monthly video-teleconferences on
legal topics of interest to the IG staff and publishes a quarterly
newsletter on OIG legal topics.

The Council of Counsels to the Inspectors General is an informal group
of IG lawyers who meet periodically to discuss matters of mutual
interest. Frank LaRocca, who was elected Chair to the council in
November, assumes the chairmanship on January 17, 2001.